Who we are

Field Trip is owned and operated by Megan MacMillan and Sarah Dobec.
We are Registered Holistic Nutritionists with a clear belief that optimal health can be achieved by eating whole foods grown in healthy soil.  The surest way to secure healthy food is to eat fresh food from local farms.  Eating locally is not only about improving health, but  has economic and social implications as well. 
Both Megan and Sarah have spent time working on organic farms where they learned the importance of eating fresh, whole foods and of fostering a connection with where our food comes - both for our purposes and the farmers.

As nutritionists, we work with people who are interested in eating healthier to improve their well-being.  However, food can only be as good as the soil and environment it is grown in. 
Field Trip allows people to experience for themselves the effort and beauty involved in growing food and raising animals.  We help them understand - with discussion, question periods + handouts - why this matters to our health and what the larger social implications of eating locally are.